Residential Irrigation Systems

Keeping your lawns at home looking green and lush is one of the things we do best. We have a large variety of clients around Canterbury and beyond who we have helped to use their water more effectively and efficiently, which has resulted in less water uses, as well as beautiful looking lawns and gardens.

We offer custom designed solutions specifically tailored to your home, taking into account water pressure, garden layout, and any other environmental conditions.

We are also experts in maintaining and repairing your existing lawn. Our services include fertilising, spraying, and dethatching. We can get your lawns looking perfect again in no time.

We can set up your system to run itself, giving you more time to get on with enjoying life, knowing your lawns and gardens are getting exactly the right amount of watering needed.

We also service and repair existing irrigation systems, valves, leaky pipes and replace worn sprinklers.